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The Laureates "Robbers" Official Music Video - Boards

The Laureates

The Laureates “Robbers” music video was a total blast to make! Working with my all-time favorite DP Brian Keller, I got to get out from behind the computer (for a moment) to direct this tale of robbers who rob the world of real objects and replace them with their animated counterparts; brought to life by Joey Potts imaginative illustration style. Joey and I then worked together for three months rotoscoping, compositing, and create images that would fit into the original scenes and make this an animated world to remember. Check out more of the Laureates at www.laureatesmusic.com.

Director/Animator/Compositing Artist: Sara Jean Potts
Illustrator/Animator: Joey Potts
DP/Editor: Brian Keller
Starring: Adam Wolak, Christopher Burque, Jonathan Burden